Imagination can be crazy

I have always had a great imagination but when I got involved with my wrong  choices in life it got worst.. I don’t  understand how one thought can take you a million places and get you in trouble as well with important people in your life… I have never been one to keep my mouth shut and not be honest and upfront and it’s shocking how many people  like lies and sugarcoated bullshit (sorry) and not honesty .. My mother raised us on honesty and tough love and I would rather hear that than anything….


Stuff that don’t make sense

Well sometimes it’s all day long that stuff don’t but I just try and roll with the punches bc I learn something new everyday.. I always wonder why some things have to
be lessons and just can’t be simple   but that’s what makes me who I am as a person.. I have to learn through tough love and the hard way or I don’t feel like I earned it…